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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Care Crew?

You can complete the form below or call us. We’re here to help! Our friendly staff are waiting to answer all of your questions. If you need help caring for an aging loved one or friend, we can provide personalized care plans based on what is needed. Our experienced team will meet with the person in question during our no-obligation home consultation to assess their needs and interests so that they are well cared for! We will gather information about their care needs, environment, available resources, personality, preferences, and much more to help customize their care plan.

What are the benefits of Fort Worth Home Care?

Home care provides several benefits to older adults and their families.

Personalized, One on One Care: Your caregiver’s entire focus is on your loved one, helping them to live independently and live life how they would prefer. Your caregiver can assist with all personal care needs and provide a helping hand around the house. Your care plan is personalized and based on a schedule that is convenient for you.

You Remain at Home: As the name implies, with home care, you will be living at home. Ninety percent of Americans 65 and older want to stay at home for as long as possible. Among the familiarity of one’s home, older adults can live in an environment that is comfortable, which can improve mood, feelings of independence, and overall confidence.

Preventing Falls and Other Accidents: Falls can happen while attempting everyday tasks such as getting into and out of the shower or walking up a flight of stairs. Your caregiver will be there to assist with these common tasks and identify other potential hazards around the home that could cause injury and potential hospital visit.

Keeping You Healthy, Mentally and Physically: Caregivers help older adults stay healthy by preparing health-conscious meals, reminding when medications need to be taken, and through engaging conversation. As a reliable companion, a caregiver can facilitate participation in activities and exercise in the home and out at social gatherings to mitigate risks of social isolation.

Lowered Risk of Infection: By receiving care at home, the number of people the older adult will come in contact with on a regular basis is drastically less as compared with senior care facilities.

Relief for Family Caregivers: Caregivers can relieve a family caregiver for periods of time to allow them to rest, refresh and take care of other responsibilities.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Long Term Care Insurance and standards forms of private pay (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, personal checks, etc.).

How do you select Fort Worth caregivers?

We’re committed to offering the highest level of care for our Fort Worth and Denton County elders. We carefully screen and interview potential caregivers. We verify their references, conduct background checks on them, and do drug testing if needed for the position they are applying.

A major milestone in our hiring criteria involves verifying that applicants share these same principles too–we simply want those who can caretake elders like family members should! We are not only looking for the care skills and professionalism necessary to perform the job, but also the respect and compassion for others that sets us apart from other Fort Worth home health agencies.

How do you ensure my home care is consistent?

We will make sure you are happy with our service. As part of that, we’ll contact you on a regular basis to see how things are going and make any necessary adjustments or changes if needed! Our office team also visits homes during scheduled care sessions, where they’ll ensure high-quality service for all of our customers! It’s important we stay aware of any areas which might require improvement or improvement opportunities so don’t hesitate to contact us if there are ever issues with your Fort Worth home care experience.

Will I be able to reach my caregiver after their normal hours?

It is important to know that we are available 24/7 for urgent issues. If you need help, please call us right away at (817) 918-8899 and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you!

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately.

Still have questions? Call us today, and we will be happy to discuss them.

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Our crew is uniquely skilled and qualified to meet the care needs of our seniors with an office staff and caregivers that equally possess the empathy and compassion required to care for them as if they are family. Contact us today to request a complimentary in-home care consultation so that we can make life brighter for you or someone you love.

A complimentary in-home care assessment with Fort Worth Home Care includes:

  • Assessing current care needs
  • Discussing daily routines and preferences
  • Explaining the cost of care
  • Providing a personalized plan of care
  • Reviewing medication lists and health conditions
  • Completing a home safety inspection
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